Putin’s Putative Divorce

A recent article in the press suggested that Vladimir Putin, that wild and crazy guy who runs Russia, is contemplating divorcing his similarly middle-aged wife and marrying the young and flexible Alina Kabayeva, pictured. He pooh-poohed the idea, if one is allowed to pooh-pooh in today’s Russia. Putin immediately challenged the reporter who posed the question at a press conference in Italy, to a drinking contest. Putin, from a bottle of vodka kept in his coat pocket, and the reporter, from a plastic bottle proffered by Putin, and which appeared to contain Russian crude oil.

Was I the only one who was reminded of the ‘Seinfeld’ episode with the Eastern European gymnast? In that classic episode, Jerry is dating a hot Romanian athlete, Katya. Jerry’s guy friends, Kramer and George, encourage Seinfeld to pursue the opportunity to have sex with her, since she is so propitiously flexible; one’s imagination begins to work overtime. Kramer seals the deal by showing Jerry a tape of Katya performing in the 1984 Olympics, and so Jerry is now convinced of the medal-winning merits of a lissome liaison.

Is Putin Russia’s new Jerry Seinfeld? Will Putin ever demonstrate a Seinfeldesque sense of humor? Will Putin find out how flexible Alina really is? Stay tuned.


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