Bartending for Dollars

Leonine Mane of HairMany years ago, when I still had a thick, leonine mane of hair, like my buddy pictured, I was a bartender. It was interesting work — especially in the nicer places — paid decent but not great money, and allowed a fair bit of freedom during the day. If you read the “About Me” section you will see I’m looking for work in the Boston area. Some friends have recommended I look for a bartender job.

If you know of an opening for an experienced, high-end bartender or wine steward, I would appreciate hearing from you. I have about ten years of experience, having worked in bars, hotels and restaurants in England, Washington DC and Seattle. If there is plenty of background noise, it sounds as if I speak pretty decent German and French, and I pride myself on being able to talk to anyone about anything.

If your help results in landing me a job, I will express my thanks with a gift certificate to Ian’s House of Haggis.


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One Response to “Bartending for Dollars”

  1. bigcitybartending Says:

    what has been your approach to finding a job so far? It sounds like you have alot of experience and simply need to get yourself in front of the right people….let me know how I can help.

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