Prepping to Go

My blog may change to a biweekly affair for a few days, or few weeks, as I prepare to leave Edinburgh and move to Boston. There are a million details to take care of, too many books to box, clothes to pack, golf memorabilia to stand and hold, and then wonder why I still have such weird treasures.

My money says that you probably haven’t read all the fiction and other fun things on my site yet,Framingham State College so you shouldn’t feel slighted for not having suitably new and stimulating copy available to you. So go back and read such goodies as “Thoughts on the Cooking of Fish”, or “The Secret Life of Crumbs”, or “Crema Contendere” my satiric piece on coffee-tasting. Since this is on the surface a mostly golf weblog, you should read “A Niblick in Time”, humorous golf fiction in the style of P.G. Wodehouse.

Next week I am going back to Boston for two weeks, partly for a job interview and partly to see my fiancĂ©e, a sweet, wonderful, beautiful girl who is working at a job she hoped she would never have to do again. I’ll be back in Scotland at the end of the month, and then make the final push to leave permanently around the end of June.

Please stop back here again soon; I appreciate your visits.


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