Tortuous Science Lessons

A moron in Ohio masquerading as a middle school science teacher might be — should be — fired for Ohio science educationbranding a cross in a student’s arm.  Read that sentence again.  A guy somehow hired to teach science, the kind of “science” that comes out of the Bible, used an electrostatic device in a demonstration that “burned” a cross on a student’s arm, a painful, unwanted mark that lingered for weeks.

Rather than actually teaching science, John Freshwater spent his time in class imprinting religious symbols onto students and ranting about homosexuals and sin.  He refused to expunge the religious dogma that flavors creationism, while attempting to discredit the robustness and value of carbon dating as a tool for validating evolution.

It’s no wonder we have fallen behind other countries we used to lead in science education, since we allow people clearly unfit for the task into the nation’s classrooms.  Why does the system allow these idiots a pulpit for proselytizing when science teachers should encourage students to learn to think scientifically, like brave Copernicus (1473 – 1543)?  Copernicus proved by observation and analysis that the Earth spun on its axis, and like the other planets rotated around the sun, which refuted long-held and incorrect beliefs.  The official position of the church was that the Earth (and God by implication) was perfect in its immutability, and was fixed and still, while the planets, the sun, and all the other stars rotated about it.  Even though it didn’t make any sense.  Back then, speaking out against religious dogma could result in censure, loss of employment, incarceration, torture and death.  The church was so threatened by advances in science, and the loss of control and respect which inevitably would result from having its foundations disproved, that a combination of cruelty and dogma was its chosen strategy.

Haven’t we progressed in the last 500 years?  Isn’t it time we moved on?  Isn’t it time to fire John Freshwater and try to ensure people like him are not allowed into science classrooms?

Perhaps Freshwater should be exiled to doctrinaire Louisiana, land of incarcerated intellect, where he would be welcomed rather than censured, and he could reflect on the interesting link between his loss of employment and his student’s torture.  I look forward to the death of incursions by religious rubbish like creationism and intelligent design into science education.


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