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Ode to a Bail-out

January 10, 2009

hand_31Hello friends.  I’ve been out of the blogging loop lately due to personal overload, what with relocation relocation relocation, a wedding, a honeymoon, a fiancée and then a wife who, poor thing, required a fair number of doctor and hospital visits, AND full-time teaching for the first time in two years.

So we’re back, if I may use a plural construction to signify the bond between writer and reader.

So I was driving back to East Boston from work at Framingham State College, when I heard news on the radio about the latest, and perhaps least likely, of the industries going to Washington DC with hats in hand, looking for bail-out money.  For some reason my poetical juices were flowing, so I wrote this godawful poem:

As I drove home yesterday, listening to the radio,
I heard a sad and strange claim on the DJ’s show.
Many industries want bail-outs, their fair share of Uncle Sam’s money,
they are flocking to Washington like bees to sweet amber honey.

The variety of industries may shock you, as it did me,
(My choice of words like “Amber” and “did me” is no anomaly.)
Get this, the companies wanting money will make you forlorn-o,
For two firms, claiming vast needs — gulp! — sell porno!

Yes it’s true, that largest and most profitable of businesses,
Even porn is suffering from cash flow illnesses.
Larry Flynt, of “Hustler”, and the guy from “Girls Gone Wild”,
need FIVE BILLION DOLLARS, so the Treasury phone they have dialed.

If you know of gainful employment in journalistic poetry, please let me know.  Or better still, just send checks.