The Cough That Stole Christmas

Not as much Christmas cheer at our house as we would like. We are both still sick: Michelle with a cold that features a 24/7 cough as nasty as you’ve ever heard; and my bronchitis and lung infection symptoms are on the way out but are taking their sweet time to fade away.

Ick! And duck!

My corporeal woes started right around my birthday, and prevented any sort of normal life, any sort of normal sleeping. Then of course there was the end of the term at Framingham State, which meant lots of exams to grade, and, oh yeah, Christmas.

Life is complex enough without sickness setbacks.

So we are running a little behind schedule, because the constant nose-blowing slows us down, and navigating around the mountain of soggy, used Kleenex eats up precious time. Our brains are not at present Olympic-quality, but sludge along in a molasses and petroleum jelly sort of way.

Those of you on the short list will receive cards a bit late this year, but just because we are ill does not mean we are not thinking of our friends and family. We hope your holiday celebrations are warm, safe and  happy.

Merry Christmas from JD and Michelle!


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