Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

For those of you who follow the Fountain and keep score, I am happy to report that Phase 3 will soon be accomplished. If you will recall, Phase 1 was moving out of the condo; Phase 2 was securing a renter, which we did recently; and Phase 3 is for this weary correspondent to leave Boston and fly to Seattle.

We are ecstatic, anxious and nervous. But we are optimistic.

My flight leaves Boston at oh-dark-hundred Thursday morning, July 7th, and arrives in the early afternoon Seattle time. We will be flying at an altitude of many thousands of feet, and hopefully we won’t have to fly through any volcanic dust or Japanese nuclear fall-out. When we reach the Puget Sound, the captain has assured me that we will throw out the special aircraft anchor and come to a halt in what is known as the Emerald City.

Once on the ground, I will move into the Foxconn Apartments, which will become my temporary base of operations while looking for work. The landlady, Ms Long Fang, warned me that to qualify for the low rent, I will be required to assemble Apple iPhones, but no more than 1,000 per shift. That is a relief. In photographs of the apartment building, it appeared that the windows on the upper floors were covered with nets, but I couldn’t tell why.

I have been working my list of old contacts in Seattle, but most of them seem to have moved into assisted living residences in Boca Raton. The other pool of candidates who could possibly help me find a job are former students from Western Washington University in Bellingham. There must be some of them working in the Seattle area — I didn’t flunk all of them…

After a lucky employer has hired me (Phase 4) and I am knocking off corporate socks, then my lovely, patient wife Michelle will be given the green light to quit her job, and join me in the Pacific Northwest, where we will make beautiful lattes together. That will be Phase 5, and while both of us wish that we could somehow skip a few phases, that might cause a minute tear in the fragile fabric of the universe.


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