Posh? What Bosh!

When you hear a British accent, do you feel that the speaker is more sophisticated than you are? Is the person more believable, and somehow superior to you? Why?

Lots of US advertisers choose a British actor, precisely because Americans feel that a posh English accent conveys class, breeding, and worldly sophistication. They lead richer, more enviable lives, and have servants who bring tea, chauffer the family Rolls, and sweep the stables.

Only the British, the ones who go to Eton, and then Oxford and Cambridge, know how to carve a thrush, can discuss the architecture of Wren, and can impress the birds at casinos by winning complex games like James Bond.

But the recent violence in London, including rioting and looting, proves that the British can be just as crude, brutal and boorish as we are, or indeed as any other culture. If you suggest the reason for the unrest in London is because of revolutionary fervor, or social discontent, then demonstrating or protesting in the streets is certainly justifiable.

But looting and random violence? No.

Looting is a crime of opportunity. There is nothing noble or justifiable about it; it is the behavior of a hungry pack of wolves. Much of the violence and destruction was committed by idiots who think breaking windows and smashing property is exhilarating. According to witnesses, an elderly woman was dragged out of her car, which was then set on fire.

This is adolescent thuggery of the worst sort, and should not be tolerated in the name of protest.


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