Shameless Self-Promotion

What kind of courage does it take to raise your hand in a crowd? I don’t know, and I’ve never thought of myself as particularly courageous.

But today I’m going to be brave, in an audacious sort of way, and attempt to immodestly draw attention to myself. I am going to remind viewers out there that I am still unemployed, and looking for work.

This is a shameless bit of self-promotion, so please take notice.

If you have the capacity to make hiring decisions, or if you have any influence over people who do, please help me to find a job here in the Seattle area. If you have read my blog you know that I am loyal, and enthusiastic, and have a cold wet nose and everything.

For the right interviewer I will even wag my tail!

I can produce words for you, lots of words. Words can come in handy, if you need to have words to send out to people, or use with other companies or just within your own company. Whatever kinds of words you need — short ones, long ones, pretty ones, plain ones — I can deliver.

Not many people know that I can even do things with numbers… That’s right, I can use math to figure out all sorts of stuff, and can analyze the daylights out of a situation; I can even do statistics. Then, and here’s the shocking part, I can even include numbers with all those words I was telling you about earlier. Wow, just think of that, words and numbers. That’s pretty cool, and all someone has to do is to pay me, hopefully in American dollars, although British pounds or euros would work, too. Your company could be in Oregon, or Canada, or Switzerland, or Crail, or almost anyplace.

So, please help me out, and recommend me to someone who could put me to work. My contact information is here on this blog, as is my résumé. If you can assist me to find a job, I will even mention your name right here, so that you will be able to tell your grandchildren.

Thanks for thinking about me!


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