She’s About to Blow!



In every possible way, Donald Trump is unfit to run the country as the president. He is playing a role, a reality TV version of the “president,” and being a theatrical player is all he wanted, to be the center of attention of adoring masses on the world’s stage. (When he recited his Presidential Oath in January of 2017, he was just reading his lines; he didn’t understand them, had never read the Constitution, had no intention of keeping any promises the oath demanded.) In character, intellect, temperament and experience, he is completely unfit — completely. We knew this, this is not new. He is the most ignorant person in Washington DC, knowing little to nothing about history, science and world affairs, has never been in the military, and possesses only a cursory understand of government and legislation. He thinks that a philosopher, a “lover of truth” is a loser. Instead of reading and taking the advice of experts, he watches the wrong TV shows and trusts other morons like him. His greedy understanding of the world consists of taking, of graft and corruption, helping rich buddies who will help him; his vocabulary never rises above the playground bully or the mobster.

If the world were a Christmas ornament shop, full of delicate beautiful things, he would be the angry toddler throwing a violent tantrum. So much breakage it registers on scientific instruments. This week’s convulsions in governance are the latest and scariest seismic readings that “she’s about to blow.”



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