Donald Trump’s Repetitive Problem with Repetition


Why is Donald Trump’s discourse so filled with repetition repetition? If you listen to him talking — talking off the cuff, not reading someone else’s words from a TelePrompter — he constantly repeats words and phrases. You can also read transcripts of his public speaking and interviews with the press — there is constant repetition. Why? I have a theory. I don’t believe that Trump himself believes what he is saying is important. He says what pops into his head as advantageous to him, a crude transactional output that he thinks his audience wants to hear, or that he thinks hurts his enemies — what is helpful for Trump, in other words. I believe that what is important to Trump is that he is talking.


In a room with others, where other people are speaking, such as a group of European leaders, he sits and sulks; he is not the center of attention so he is miffed. (He is exactly like a small child who doesn’t like being ignored.) I don’t think it matters to him what he is saying, as long as he is the one doing the talking. That’s where the repetition comes in: he is in essence extending the time he is talking. (Quality is vastly outweighed by quantity; his vocabulary is very small, and his style is crudely simple.) There are some who claim this repetition is an oratory technique, trying to get the thought across to others might be aided by the repetition, similar to how a salesman knows it is propitious to repeat a client’s name. Strip away the words and phrases repeated multiple times and you reduce the length of time he has the mic by more than half, which is for him undesirable. Donald Trump, still the spoiled child from six decades ago, wants to be the center of attention, and the way to do that is by talking, certainly not by listening. Repetition allows him to extend and stretch out the length of time his mouth is open and noises are coming out — the center of attention — which for him is paramount. This theory applies also to Kellyanne Conway, for whom what she says is less important than the fact that she is talking. Her prodigious word salad is filled with crap, distortion,  distraction and lies, rather than honest answers to questions, so in a way, for both Trump and Conway, they are ‘winning’ as long as they are talking, since that is the stronger position than listening, which is for losers.


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