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A Little Reading

July 25, 2019


The United States plunges into madness and chaos, imprisoned in a trumpocracy because Americans wouldn’t do a little reading. The Mueller Report was “too long” and we the people didn’t see that it was as plain as the Trump on your TV that the president had committed crimes. Actual documented crimes, and repeatedly broke the law. And should have been removed as the Framers intended, the impeachment process being the only legitimate way to remove a president from office. Nixon had stared down that barrel, and folded. Trump wouldn’t allow himself to fold, as that would have made him look weak, in Roy Cohn’s mind. On the shoulders of expendable loyalists he placed himself above the law, the reality TV celebrity reinvented as the reality president. At first that is, then one presidential term became another. One of King Trump’s first actions was to ban all newspapers and books, since reading makes the populace smarter. And dictators don’t like smart people, because they don’t believe what would-be dictators tell them.



Democrats hoped for a spinal injection from Robert Mueller, for whom tasteless theatrical promo was too much, not his forte and not needed. He had done his job, and written it all down. Where no one saw it. Because they would have had to do a little reading. Oh, and had some guts. Crap.