About J.D.

My name is J.D. Douglass. I am an American with a few grey hairs who decided to pursue a dream before it became too late, and move to Scotland. In summer of 2006, I moved to St Andrews, where I had been accepted into the post-graduate program in Scottish History at the University of St Andrews. My plan, if you could call it that, was to study the history of the golf equipment industry. I thought that it would be fascinating to research the transition era from the mid-eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, and focus on how the industry changed from small shops with men using hand tools to shape golf clubs and balls from materials like wood, leather and feathers, to the more modern business model of equipment mass-produced in factories from exotic new materials.

The University of St Andrews experienced a spot of bother, since they forgot to put in place the program that I had been accepted into the previous winter. Yeah, I know, how can a nearly 600-year old institution of higher learning not have a handle on producing the classes and structure to support what is advertised? Well, that’s another story.

What happened in the meantime while the university spun its tyres — those Brits spell things funny sometimes, and it can be a tough habit to break — is shocking. I fell in love with a beautiful, wonderful Boston girl who, like me, decided to pursue a dream, only she came to study art history. (The University of St Andrews didn’t have her program either, but that’s another strange story.) We fell in love, and I proposed to her at Edinburgh Castle, where she made me the happiest guy in the world by saying ‘yes’.

In the summer of 2008, I returned to the States, and settled down with Michelle in Boston. For the fifteen years previous to my Scotland adventure, I taught boring but important business courses like statistics at colleges and universities in Washington State. I worked really hard to make the classes interesting and relevant, and student reviews always said that with my enthusiasm and sense of humor, learning about statistics became more fun — or less painful — than they expected.

Since the fall of 2008 I have taught MBA and undergraduate business and math courses at Framingham State College outside Boston. While I love teaching, the education business, like most others, has been hurt by the economic downturn. It’s probably time to leave the higher learning industry, and return to the corporate world. In addition, I miss the West Coast and my many good friends there, so it is my fervent hope to move back to the Pacific Northwest and find work there.

(I have just moved back to Seattle, and am looking for work here. The kind and virtuous thing would be to help me a job; you’ll sleep better.)

If you have a suggestion or wish to forward my blog to someone in the Seattle area who might be able to help me find a job there I would be so appreciative as to put you on my permanent Christmas card list.

As I tell my many old golf friends, Keep your head down and swing easy.


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