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A Little Reading

July 25, 2019


The United States plunges into madness and chaos, imprisoned in a trumpocracy because Americans wouldn’t do a little reading. The Mueller Report was “too long” and we the people didn’t see that it was as plain as the Trump on your TV that the president had committed crimes. Actual documented crimes, and repeatedly broke the law. And should have been removed as the Framers intended, the impeachment process being the only legitimate way to remove a president from office. Nixon had stared down that barrel, and folded. Trump wouldn’t allow himself to fold, as that would have made him look weak, in Roy Cohn’s mind. On the shoulders of expendable loyalists he placed himself above the law, the reality TV celebrity reinvented as the reality president. At first that is, then one presidential term became another. One of King Trump’s first actions was to ban all newspapers and books, since reading makes the populace smarter. And dictators don’t like smart people, because they don’t believe what would-be dictators tell them.



Democrats hoped for a spinal injection from Robert Mueller, for whom tasteless theatrical promo was too much, not his forte and not needed. He had done his job, and written it all down. Where no one saw it. Because they would have had to do a little reading. Oh, and had some guts. Crap.




We Must Impeach Trump

April 22, 2019


President Donald Trump must be impeached. To not begin the process is to allow Trump to get away with it, to get away with the rampant corruption and abuses of power listed in Mueller’s report. The impeachment process begins with an investigation by Congress, called for completely, convincingly and overwhelmingly now that the Mueller report has been placed in Americans’ hands. The damning evidential revelations of lying, forcing others to lie, his crystal clear efforts to obstruct the investigation into him and his campaign, the eagerness to get a leg-up from Russia, and his utter contempt for the rule of law all laid bare by the report, are as loud an endorsement to impeach as a July 4th marching band.


Some say impeachment can’t win. Some say that the House might well draft articles of impeachment, pat themselves on the back and send them to the Senate for trial, where the tribal kool-aid cult of Senate Republicans will acquit the defendant. I contend that energizing Congress to begin the process is a significant kind of success, sending an indelible signal to the reptiles in the Trump Administration that the era of lawlessness with impunity is ending. Forging the base and barrel of the impeachment cannon sends a shot across the bow, a very arresting and dangerous signal that impeachment and removal is a very clear and present danger to his presidency. Congress has been bullied away from its oversight duties, but throwing a punch at the bully — they never expect it — scares the ogre and changes the relationship.


Since impeachment’s first phase is investigation, I bet that the House would turn up more concrete evidence of Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors, injecting a virtuous viagra into American public opinion. More than half the country knows without a shred of doubt already that Trump is corrupt to his core and poses a terrifying risk to American democracy. An impeachment investigation that reveals more loathsome and unpatriotic behavior could more than tip the scales of opinion for the immediate removal of this unfit man from the presidency. (Many more in his administration deserve impeachment and removal.) Politicians live and die by the polls, and many Republican congressmen are up for reelection soon — the GOP may decide that this mindless, destructive zombie loyalty to Trump is political suicide. He’s had his tumultuous time and now his time is up.


The United States of America has suffered a nearly fatal blow to its respectability and gravitas overseas — remember that the UN General Assembly laughed at Trump — as well as the pounding our national security and intelligence apparatus has taken, from Trump’s spurious, bullying insults to completely unqualified sycophants receiving security clearances. Increases in short-term money have flowed to fatcats while long-term the air, water and land gets more dangerously polluted for our children and grandchildren, as regulations that protect us were torn down by Trump’s friends. The dumbest and most delusional one in the Jacuzzi with Putin, Xi and Kim, Trump’s smile is the biggest, no surprise as he’s the prey. Black-hearted people like Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and the maltrumpian spinners smile into the camera and lie effortlessly, protecting the president from the piercing of a free press pursuing its mandate of uncovering facts; the world’s free press, among which the US should stand tallest, has also been wounded horribly, as autocrats stomp on the right for people to know the truth.

As a surgeon uses his or her skill to further the quality of life of patients, we must remove this cancerous blight, and then encourage healing.

With Lobbying You Get Cockroaches

February 8, 2019


Even cockroaches think Paul Manafort is dirty. His clients: Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Mobutu Sese Seko, a former dictator of Zaire, Angolan guerrilla leader Jonas Savimbi, and Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine; the cream of the crop. His most recent client is POTUS45, currently under siege-like legal attack from many law enforcement directions, his pathetic circled wagons suffering a hail of flaming arrows. Donald Trump must now realize that he will be forever linked to that reprehensible group of criminal international leaders. He may also realize that his dynasty could possibly face the same abrupt end many dictatorships do.

One of Manafort’s more recent clients was Russia’s friend Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s former president, whom even Vladimir Putin could not protect. (Protection being something Donald Trump covets right now.) Trump should note that Yanukovych was so spectacularly corrupt and hated by the people that he was violently overthrown. The Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 was so violent that the president was not removed in an orderly fashion but had to physically flee, like in the old days when a crook would be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Think about that: Manafort managed a guy so hated by the Ukrainian people that tens of thousands of them took to the streets with weapons including guns, Molotov cocktails, and whatever they could grab. A political leader was so despised for being so corrupt, that the people revolted, then deposed and chased him out of the country. (He ran to Moscow pleading for help from Putin, like a frightened child runs to his mother’s skirts.) Has Donnie thought about the possibility, however remote, that the American people, having become so exasperated with his repulsive corruption, would amass and chase him out of the country? I suppose Putin, to whom Trump has been so generous, could find Trump and his children a basement apartment in some oligarch’s dacha.

New From the App Store: Tack’EmUp

February 6, 2019


Are you confused by the morass of Russian contacts and the cast of characters examined by the Mueller investigation? (Me too.) Who has been indicted? Who is in jail already? Who’s about to be sentenced to jail? At whom are legal fingers being pointed? Who testified about whom? And where the hell is Ukraine? All those lies, overwhelming evidence of criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice and suspicious flows of currency, they form a gnarly Gordian knot. Let our fantastic new smartphone app, Tack’EmUp, turn your largest wall into a visual description of the investigation. Tack’EmUp includes ten pounds of thumbtacks, 100 miles of colored string, guided instructions for printing photos, bios and summary text describing the individuals, companies and evidence, and detailed instructions for turning the partition into one of those things you see on TV when a detective solves a murder. (Minimum sized wall required is bigger than any of yours.)